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Secure the Bag request form
After Christ is doing something different in 2020! This year we are seeking to "Secure The Bag" in every aspect of our Families, our Relationships, our Finances and in our Lives; by putting our faith into action and doing the necessary work to see results! God's plan for us is perfect and as we submit ourselves to doing "Life" His way; we will begin to see such a change in the things around us that it will give God all of the Glory!!! So with that being said, as we passionately pursue God's plan and purpose for our lives, remember that we are all in this together. Now...are YOU ready to SECURE YOUR  BAG?! Good, let’s go
Please only complete the form if you are seeking the help from the After Christ Christian Center "Securing the bag team" The details of your request are kept confidential. For counseling services, you may be required to complete additional forms. If we are not able to assist you in house with your request, every attempt will be made to find you the assistance needed. 
After Christ Christian Center "Secure the Bag" will hold sessions that are tailored to your needs, you will receive additional details either via email or text providing details pertaining to the sessions. You will be required to register for each session that you are interested in attending. 

Thanks for submitting!

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